JackieSynn – Aunt Jackie Makes You Cum Twice

Aunt Jackie is busy getting ready to go out, but she knows that you really need some relief. Aunt Jackie tells you she’s too busy at first, but then she discovers a little hole in her tights. She decides to rip them and ruin them, hearing her tights rip makes your cock tingle and she knows it. Soon she takes off her pretty skirt and her tights all together. Aunt Jackie is going to let you cum, but ladies first darling. Aunt Jackie fingers her pussy and tells you what a good boy you are waiting for her to finish. Aunt Jackie cums nice and hard and wants your load all over the place. After you’ve blown your spunk she gets up close and licks you clean, but that only makes your cock stiff again. And Jackie wants you to cum down her throat, do you think you can cum twice?

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