JackieSynn – Mom Took Care Of Your Bullies

Three boys at school have been really nasty to you and it’s been very upsetting. Last night before you went to bed you were so upset that you cried to yourself, little did you know that mummy was busy sorting out your problem. When you wake up the next morning you find mummy there smiling and excited to tell you what she’s done. Mum looks super hot in a tight, satin, purple negligee and a full face of makeup, you ask her why. Mom tells you she went to visit all three boys last night, they won’t be bullying you again! Mummy tells you all of the filthy things she did with them, letting you know how fun it was to swallow their cum and get fucked nice and hard. Mummy is going to make sure this is a weekly thing and they will be super kind to you from now on. While she tells you of her antics, she sees that you are hard. Mummy tells you to pull out your big boy Dick and stroke while she tells you her story. Mummy is so kind to you, she’s going to make sure you make big boy cummies all over her boobs while she tells you how she sucked and fucked your former bullies!

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