JackieSynn – Secrets at the Sleepover

Tonight you’re having a sleepover with some friends, they’re getting a little bit wild and rowdy but then Mom walks in. It’s okay, she’s a cool mom, in fact she wants to partake in the partying! After Mom lets loose a bit, she starts telling your friends some secrets you are not too pleased she is revealing. She tells them how she likes to show a little skin to get boys to do what she wants, next thing you know Mom is showing off her cleavage and her tiny little metallic silver shorts. You notice your mates getting boners, hell you have one yourself! Mom notices all of your young hard on this, but you start to turn red and get jealous. Mom makes you confessed to the boys why you’re jealous, it’s because you have a big crush on your mum! She tells your friends what a mummies boy you are, and how you jerk off every night to her, sometimes even in front of mom. Mom understands that all of your young dicks need release, it’s completely natural. Jackie decides to pull out a big tits so all of your friends can jerk off, don’t worry mummy doesn’t want you to be jealous, she just wants all of your teenage friends to check after her big mummy tits just like you! Jackie shows off her big fat booty in her tiny tight little metallic shorts, and encourages those young cocks to start pumping nice and hard. Jackie teasers and giggles, she finds your young cock prematurely ejaculating very charming. Jackie’s got all of your young boners leaking, your friends wish they had a hot Mom like Jackie that would let them jerk off to her. Jackie puts her shorts down and starts clapping her fat ass and encourages you and all of your friends to spunk all over her! Mummy tells your friends that if they need a helping hand you’ll be glad to help, mummy has had you help jerk some of her lovers in the past – mummy is revealing all of your perverted little secrets tonight! Your friends love it and come all over the place, it’s like a chain reaction as you young boys start blowing you just can’t stop until all of you are drained!

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