JackieSynn – Teaching Mom To Twerk

It’s your graduation party and Mom seems to be having a lot of fun! Perhaps too much. Mum comes into the room that you and four of your best mates are hanging out in. You saw her dancing earlier and decide you should teach her some moves, mum has heard of twerking but she’s never done it before. When she bends over she’s a bit embarrassed, she forgot to wear panties under her tiny little dress. Mum starts bouncing her big fat white ass up and down slowly, nervously and a bit unsure… but your friends encourage her to keep going! Mom’s dress slips up over her big fat ass, you and your friends are absolutely loving it. Soon mum gets into it to and starts really bouncing her big fat booty, exposing her pretty pink ass hole and pussy to you and all your friends. Mum sees how hard it gets you and decides to tell you all to jerk your big teen cocks for her. Soon you and your friends are all going to make mummy a booty bouncing cum slut!

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