Jane Cane – Mom Fucks Lonely Son

Mom is going out for the evening. As she is getting ready, her son won’t stop trying to look up her dress. She swats him away and tells him to stay out of her panty drawer while she is gone. When she comes home later that evening, she has had too much fun. She lies down on her bed, slips off her dress and panties, and rubs her pussy until she cums loudly. She then realizes that her son has been in her bedroom masturbating the entire time. She is upset, but softens when he tells her that he has been stood up again. Mom reaches over him naked to hand him her panties to masturbate with, but he quickly shoves his cock inside of her and starts to fuck her. Mom really likes the way this feels so she lets him keep his dick inside of her and fuck her until he fills her up with cum.

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