Jane Cane – Mom Son Dressing Room Diaries

Jane Cane – Mom Son Dressing Room Diaries
Mom wants to go shopping, but she has to take her son with her because he’s grounded. She walks in the living room to find him lazing around, not ready to go. She scolds him and tells him he needs to get in the car. When they get to the boutique, they have to share a room because it’s very crowded and all of the other rooms are taken. Mom tries on dresses and has brought shirts for her son which he doesn’t want to try on. After mom has finished trying on dresses, she has a piece of lingerie she wants to try on and tells her son to cover his eyes, but he peeks anyway without mom knowing. When she has it on, she asks her son’s opinion about it. Mom wants to get it for her husband. Son is getting very agitated and wants to leave. Mom gets dressed again telling son not to look, but he peeks again without her knowing. After getting dressed mom collects everything so she can pay and they can leave.

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