Jane Cane – Son Begs Mom for Sex

Son is totally frustrated. He cannot get a girl to go out with him. He asks his mother if she will help him and go out on a real date with him. They end up going out for dinner, then return home. Later that night, son enters his mother’s bedroom to thank her for going out with him. They end up talking and son just comes out and asks his mother if he can have sex with her. Mother is totally flattered and wishes she could help him out, but it is just wrong. Little by little, son does a great job of convincing his mother to just let him see her totally naked. Once her pink panties come off, son cannot control himself anymore. He ends up having sex with his mother. Mom is mad and very uncomfortable at first…she knows how wrong it is. But, after a short while, mother sees how happy she is making her son since no other girl will give him a chance. Mother changes her tune and eventually lets her son cum inside her pussy hoping that he doesn’t get her pregnant.

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