Jocelyn Baker – Annoyed Step Mom Strokes Your Dick

You’re laying back on the couch while you watch your step mom hurriedly get ready for work. She doesn’t know you’re there, so she’s rushing around with only her top & panties on. After one of her nipples begin spilling over her bra you can’t help but instinctively reach down and stroke yourself. Within minutes, your mom notices what you’re doing! She’s pissed. She doesn’t have time to deal with this right now, but to your surprise in her rant she commands you to pull your dick out. You like watching your step mommy so much? Show her. You are in no position to deny your mother, so you do as she says. Within seconds she’s got her hand on your dick – stroking you fast and hard. She makes sure to do her upturned piggy nose for you, seeing as she knows how much you like it from last time she caught you jerking it to her. When you don’t cum in a few minutes, she further commands you to grab her BIG bra that still has your cum stain on it. You oblige and soon she’s stroking you with the bra wrapped around your dick. With her tits bouncing and swaying as she strokes you, her piggy nose, and her giant bra on your cock you can’t hold back..and soon you’re cumming RIGHT into your step mothers hand!

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