Jocelyn Baker – Giving Mommy Her First Load

Mommy calls you into her room, and you can immediately tell that something is wrong. She wants to talk to you, but is quite apprehensive about what she has to say. After she rambles for a few minutes she finally gets to the point (which leaves you stunned): Mommy has NEVER tasted a mans cum before! But what does that have to do with you? Mommy confesses she’s been doing some online reading, and that she discovered young men have the BEST tasting cum! Not only that, but they cum the MOST. Before you can say what you’re thinking, Mommy confesses she wants your load to be her very first one. Not one to argue with Mommy, you pull your cock out half hard at the idea alone. But, before Mommy sucks you, she peels off her green sweater and suggests maybe you two start off with tit fucking. Next thing you know, Mommy has her huge breasts wrapped around your rock hard cock and fucks them with so much vigor you think you’ll explode right there. Lucky for you, she knows when you’re close and immediately stops. It’s time to move on to tasting your cum, and you couldn’t be more excited. For someone who has never tasted cum, Mommy sure knows how to suck! In a matter of minutes you are giving her exactly what she wants: a BIG load down her throat. She’s so excited, she laps it up and plays with it. But, ultimately, is disheartened to know she couldn’t swallow it all. Guess that just means you two will have to try again.

File Size : 900.4 MB, Resolution : 1920×1080, Duration : 00:11:58

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