Jocelyn Baker – Mommy Sucks You Into Breaking No Nut Nov

You’re a bored housewife, doing your weekly chores..the house ALWAYS seems to be a little bit more messy every week. Suddenly, you get a rapid fire of texts coming through. It’s just your best friend asking you if you’re participating in “No Nut November” What the hell is that? You have no idea, so you ask her..for her to text back immediately to ask your husband. WTF! He’s in meetings all day so no luck there. You do a quick search on the internet to no avail. You are desperate to find out what this strange phrase is, so finally you call in the big guns; Your teenage son. He knows everything that’s hip and happening. Only when you call him downstairs he begins laughing immediately after you ask him what it is. After you calm him down, he tells you. Your face drops and in horror you realize you’re talking to your son about orgasming! He tells you that you’re old, and that’s why you didn’t know what it was. You’re hurt, and aren’t..OLD! You send him to his room and threaten to punish him, but how? You begin to think out loud to yourself..when suddenly, the idea hits you. If he knows what No Nut November is, HE’S participating! You’re going to make your son break his streak. You’re going to put on your best lingerie, trick him into coming into your room and show him that his mom still has it (and isn’t old!) you quickly run upstairs, strip off your boring clothes and put on your hottest lingerie. You call him in and your plan works swimmingly, only it works so well that he’s now asking you to touch him too..Oh no, what have you started? You are a little horny, too..maybe a stroke or two won’t hurt?

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