Jocelynbaker – Big Sis Twerks 4 You

Your in your’re having the most wonderful dream. Someone is touching your cock and it feels amazing! You open your eyes, and realize it’s not a dream..but instead, your sister giving you a handjob. She’s snuck into your room while your mom & dad aren’t home and wants to have a little fun. You want to tell her no, but it feels so good. She continues working your hard cock while trying to seduce you into doing more, but you can’t! She’s your big sister! Finally, she comes up with an idea..she’s going to strip for you and shake her ass..she’s been practicing “twerking” if you can resist the way she moves her body, and the way her huge ass don’t have to fuck her. At this point you can’t say no because she’s already pulling her pants down and showing you that AMAZING ASS! After a few minutes, you can’t resist. You NEED to be inside her, doggy style. She’s giddy with excitement to finally be getting what she wants, and happily bends over to let you stuff her tight little hole. While you’re fucking she tells you another sick fantasy of hers..SHE WANTS A CREAMPIE! At this point, you’re going to do anything for your big sis.

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