Jodi West – Mommie’s Panty Lines

As you walk past your mother’s boudoir, you hear her practicing her speech for the Woman’s Club Woman of the Year Award. She looks wonderful in her white dress, but she seams to be have a slight problem. She does not like how her panties are showing through her dress, so she takes a moment to try on a few different pairs. You watch quietly from behind the crack of the door, until she finally sees you and has you come in. She needs your opinion to see if you can see the panty lines through her dress, so you mother has you cover your eyes while she changes. Then she notices it. You have an erection from watching your own mother! “Do you know how inappropriate this is?!” she blasts you as you stand there embarrassed. Finally, just for this one time, she will allow you to use her holes to get rid of you erection. “What if the neighbors were to see you with an erection from watching your Mother?” Embarrassed, you spill your semen all over her rump. I guess she will have to go to the banquette with no panties at all.

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