Jodi West – Mother plays a dangerous game

Jodi West – Mother plays a dangerous game
Jodi has been getting everything set for her and her husband to spend a romantic moment in the new hot tub. She stands uncomfortably in her silver bikini and net sarong. Jodi believes this is a bit inappropriate for a mother, but she is trying to rekindle the romance that has been slowing in her marriage.
Peter, her son, comes in to drop of the fresh towels. As she is bent over the tub checking the dials, he grinds against her scantily clad body. “No! I told you we will have no more of that! Your Father will be here in a minute”. Jodi rushes off Peter, then dips into the water

Jodi beckons to her husband to come into the water for the romantic setting she has prepared. Father joins her with two full cocktails in hand and they discuss the evening plans.
“Mind if I join?” her son asks entering the room again.
“I don’t think that’s such a good idea” Jodi protests to her husband. “No, come on in” He answers. “this is the Family’s hot tub”

As Peter sits, Jodi turns her back to him to continue her conversation with her husband. Under the water, a very different game is playing out. Peter reaches out of his fathers view and grabs his mothers bottom. “OH” Jodi exclaims and spins around. “Is something wrong?” her husband asks, not knowing anything that is transpiring under the water and behind her back. “No, I must have just seen a bug”.

The inappropriate handling does not stop, once Peter realizes his father can not see what is going on. Soon, Jodi succumbs to the message and reaches behind her back to stroke her son’s engorged member. The conversation continues, and the underwater scene of jodi’s stroking continues until thick, white stream float into the water.
Will the two finally get caught in their forbidden TABOO tryst? It gets very close as Father notices his son groaning in the corner behind his wife. “Do you think he is okay?” Father asks. “Oh, yes, it is probably just something he ate” Jodi replies, and continues there casual conversation about where they will eat dinner, all the while masturbating her son to orgasm just under the surface of the warm water.


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