Jodi West – Mother Son Seductions

Jodi comes home late again from work. As she wanders her home, she finds her step-son asleep again in her bed. He must have dozed off watching TV. She wakes him to send him to his room, but as she rousts him, she sees he is not wearing any shorts. She can’t help herself! She slowly starts stroking his penis. As it hardens in her hands, he wakes. She quiets him and tells him she is going to masturbate him so he does not have to go back to sleep with a hard on. Her expert, loving hands glide up and down on his cock. She sooths him with her admiration for his penis, telling him it’s even larger then his dad’s! When he explodes, she milks out every last drop, then advises him that they should keep this secret. He agrees, knowing this might be the start of a new chapter in their relationship…


Download file – 80.7 MB
Download file – 80.7 MB