Jodi West – My Nephew’s Poor Job Performance

When Aunt Jodi gets a call from the car dealership owner, saying that her nephew is not selling as many cars as he should be, she know she needs to work fast. The young man was her hire, and the boss is not keen on nepotism in the first place. But just how is Aunt Jodi going to motivate the young man? Well it seams that she is going to try to inspire his more primal needs. It also might seem that Jimmy was hired, not just for his sales skills, but for a whole different skill set that his Aunt wants to take advantage of! Set in Jodi’s office, she decides to mix business with pleasure and get this guy motivated about selling more cars while he it making love to his Aunt on her work desk! This “carrot and stick” type of management just might pay off as the young man explodes his seed all over his Aunt Jodi’s face as an affirmation that he will try harder for the sale!!


Download file – 160.8 MB
Download file – 160.8 MB