Just Mommy And Me – Andi James

Scene One: Dad Leaves Us
“I know this has been really hard, Dad leaving us for another woman” She says to me, sitting me down on the couch. I can’t help but notice that I can see right through my mom’s nighty, and as she talks I try to peak through her clothes. Mom is feeling so terrible about herself, because he left her for a younger woman. “It’s just going to be you and me for now” She whispers to me as she touches my leg and rubs her big tits. “I see that bulge in your pants and now that it’s just you and me I can take care of that for you” she lovingly tells me as she reaches over and unzips me. Touching her pussy she strokes my penis and makes me want to explode. What the fuck is happening? It’s so wrong and weird but I can’t stop myself from cumming in my mom’s hands. “Let me clean that up for you” She smiles and sucks the cum off me. We’re going to keep this a secret just her and I.

Scene Two: Waking up with mom
The next morning mom comes to wake me up dressed in some teal lingerie. Sliding on the bed next to me she wakes me up by putting her hand around my morning wood. She tells me that we both have needs, as she softly strokes me. She puts me in her mouth and with a few sucks my dick is harder than it’s ever been before “Now that you’re good and hard I have to fuck you” she whispers to me. I’ve never had sex before and as my mom gets on top of me I don’t know what to do. Her body slides up and down me her big tits bouncing in my face and I send my white cream deep into her moaning cumming body. “Oh honey that was so good” She tells me.

Scene Three: Mom Says…show me your cock
Guiding me by the hand mom pulls me into the living room. Spreading her legs I see that she’s not wearing any panties. “You touch yourself and I’m going to touch myself and we’re going to cum together” She tells me. Like I’m on display, I have to pull my pants down in the middle of the room and expose myself for her. Something about getting naked and jerking like this for her to watch is so humiliating. And the more embarrassing and humiliated I feel the harder I become. She takes out her tits and licks them as she looks at me with her hungry eyes and cums on the couch. I can feel myself begin to shutter, my whole body becoming weak as I shoot my cum all over the floor for my dirty mother.

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