Katherine Winters – Mommy Wants to Help You Get Off

Time to say goodnight to mommy! After I give you a big-titted hug goodnight, I see you have popped a boner, I want to see it! Oh no, you have been jerking it (to me) so much recently that your poor dick is bruised!!!! Here, I will show you how to be more gentle and make you feel so nice. I start with some kissing, then licking and then sucking all over your good boy cock. Next, I’ll wrap my big titties around that dick and make you feel so warm and safe for a few. Lastly, I tell you to hold still, as I take off my undies, turn around and start gently grinding on your cock, I can tell you like it. I finally put you inside me and let you in and out and fuck me! Wow, you feel amazing! You finish quick but, we always have tomorrow.

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