Kathia Nobili – Dirty Live Chat with Your Mother

My sweet boy…it is so nice to see you…thank you so much to download this Skype for mommy! You know how I’m with all those new technology! But…forget about that! Let talk about you…How is the camp? What do you mean sweetie…boring!!! You have there a lot of guy and girls in the same age like you…you can get wild there!!! Really…you miss your stepmom so much! You are so cute darling!!! I know why your father send you on this camp, in the time he is out of house for a week!!! Yeah….he didn’t want you be be with me! I don’t know…where he could get the idea like that!!! Hihi….me to baby…mommy missed you too!!! Specially….at the night…mommy is so lonely in the bad! I just wish my baby boy is here..to…you know! But is nice to see you now! What?!!! What do you have in mind?! You are so bad!!!

No baby….I couldn’t…..you know mommy is shy! And you sharing the room with other guys…and if somebody comes?!!! Yeah…it would be so exiting and so hot!!! Really? So if mommy is masturbating for you…you would do the same and we can have live masturbation games? Wow….I’m getting so hot for you my baby right now!!! All right! But what should mommy wear for you?! Do you want to choose sexy lingerie for me?! You are so foxy! So I will even stripping for my boy! …..Do you like what you see honey? Ohh…yeah…I see the effect! I miss my son cock so much! Let get dirty now baby!!! You know what mommy will do to you if you here! Just take off that nice swollen cock of yours and playing with my tongue for so, so long! And then let you penetrate mammy…let you feel my wet pussy! Look at this baby…you made mommy so horny right now! Look at that juice on my fingers….is all waiting for you my baby boy!!! Mmmm…..let cum together my baby!!! Let me see how you explode for mommy! Oh…yes…cum with my …..cum baby!!! That was so great….I don’t know where my baby get so naughty…but I love our live chatting!!! yeah…..now you have something to imagine at the night!!! Sure…your naked mommy….how hungry mommy is for you!!!! I can’t wait when you turn home baby!!! Mommy will prepare something special for you!!! Kissing you honey!!!


Download file – 945.0 MB
Download file – 945.0 MB