Kathia Nobili – Sometimes the bad situations become to be the sweetest moments

Your mom and you are going through hard period. Your father left and toke all the money…so now your mom has to handle everything by her self. She trying to give you all you need and wish for….but now when the winter is coming…there are no money left for heating this huge house. She is is worry but she has this ,, BAD ,, news for you. Even if you are the big boy already….you have to share the bedroom with her. To share the one bed with your mom! You know she is said that you will not have your privacy….but you…for you is the great news. Finally you have the reason to come at the night close to your mommy. To hold her and feel her skin…feel her warm body! You long time fantasy is now coming truth!

Mom is asking you to be supportive and that is just a temporally thing…but you are so happy!!! You already know….is the best thing witch could happened! Your father left…you are now the man of family and you will sharing the bed with your mom….and in your head is more then just sleeping together. Once you are both under the blanket…..you are not waiting and with your hand touching mommy’s legs…feeling her soft skin. Immediately you get rock hard when you slide between her legs! Will your mother be up said….in this moment you don’t care….you were waiting so long for this moment. Mommy just turn her face close to you and asking ,, is this your hand?,, She know it well what her baby boy wants. Secretly….now you know it 100%….she wants her son too. And there is nothing what could possible stop you!!! You getting under the blanket and pull up mommy’s satin nightie….that butt…mommy’s butt is so beautiful!!! You touching her, fondle her butt and very softly move your hand lover and lover that you can feel her pussy. Mmmmm……so wet! You start to fingering her and you see how much she enjoys every single touch of her baby boy….of her son!!! Even if cold is outside….in mommy’s bed is getting so hot!!! You snuggle up to your mom…she can feel your hard cock on her butt. You holding her so strong…she is only your s now!!! You rubbing your swollen cock on her butt….no more teasing….you want to feel your mom….you want to be inside her! And in one move you stick your dick inside your mom!!! You feel her juice all over your cock….and you move…deeper and deeper! It is just a dream? You are fucking your mom and she love it…you can hear how she is sighing of pleasure and then make you going more and more! Your cock is so hard and ready to explode….but then….you want to please your mother at first….you want to make her cum….how she is goading with her son’s cock! So you keep thrust more just the way your mother likes it and then…yes…she is coming…she will have the best orgasm of her life and with her son’s cock!!! The way she is moving on your cock…all her juice coming on your cock….you are there too…ready to explode…inside her…yeah….cum…cum with you mommy!!! Good boy….there is no way you could support her more!!! And there will be many nights just like this one from now on!!!


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Download file – 831.8 MB