Kathia Nobili – Surprise B-day present from your friends

Finally you turning 21 so now you can do everything legally. You can party where you want, drink and smoke when ever you want and…you can buy the sex when you want! looking that…your friends wanted to make this B_day special for you! You are the man now…so act like a man! They buy you an entrance for MAN’S VIP club! And believe..that night you’ll never forget in your life! But the best thing on this place isn’t to play billiard or poker…here are the best women in whole world…to make you happy . And the one is just waiting for you right now! It’s good to have the friends who knows witch kind of woman make you crazy! Elegant…sexy…MILF…that’s your think. You just came up and seeing her from behind! Stunning…perfect legs, sexy moves…wow..you can wait to take advantage of your prepay-ed present! You are so exiting and horny! You feel how your cock pumping in your pants! And then she tell you to come closer…as she is waiting for you! BUT… That shock when she turns around! That sexy slut, you wanted to fuck is your MOTHER! Ohhh my God…what are you dong here?! She is asking of you??? You can have the very same question for her! Your mother is a slut! Doing it for money! This night is not starting the way you were expected! But where is going??? You having this argue here with your mother! Even if you know…deep inside..she was always doing it for you! To give you everything you ever wished for! For every birthday for every day in your life actually…you never missed a thing! All…all…your mother gives you! And you love her for that! But now…you understood…how much your mom loves YOU! And there is only one possible thing you want for your B-day tonight! And is getting stronger and stronger inside you! You only want your mom…the slut you are paying for! You want to feel her as a man! Your desire is to fuck her! This would be the most incredible present from your mom! Will you get your mommy??? Will you be her lover…will you fuck her tonight??? Will you become a real MAN with your sexy mother??? You know very, very well your mom never say NO to her baby boy! And she will not start tonight…on your 21st birthday! So baby come…come to mommy and take advantage of your present! Mommy will make you come twice!

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