Katie71 – Mom Seduces Sons Friend

It’s a Friday and I feel like getting wild. My son just told me his best friend is in town and coming over so I’m going to make it a night to remembers. I have always had the hots for his best friend and he is my favorite one of them all. Furthermore, I can always count on him to come over smelling and looking so damn sexy as I think he want me as much as I want him. I have also noticed many times when he was over that he wasn’t wearing any underwear and I can see his big cock bouncing around. Also, I noticed the print of his cock in his shorts when we swim and it seems to grow when he talks to me so i know he wants this pussy. So tonight I’m going to come on to him hard and let him fuck me. I came up with the excuse that I forgot some Margarita mix so I send my son to get it and use this time for a quickie. Once he arrived and my son left to the store we were fucking so fast even i was shocked. I was riding away when my son walks in saying he forgot the money and before I know it my son has his hands down his own pants rubbing his cock while he tells his friend to keep fucking me.

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