Kelly Payne – Moms Cuckold Punishment

Mom’s in her room reading and you come in with a friend, she asks what you want and who’s your new friend. Hesitant at first, you share your intentions. You and mom share special times together, and you thought id be fun to include your friend. Though you haven’t quite thought this through… as Mom reminds you the rules. Your not supposed to tell anyone about your special time with mom, and you definitely should have talked to her before assuming she’d just fuck you and your friend. Mom decides as a punishment she’ll fuck your friend while you watch. Your punishment is to only enjoy and use your hand (POV son’s viewpoint). Mommy teases you while she strokes, sucks, fucks and enjoys your friends cock. Eventually wanting both you and your friend to cum for mommy, she encourages your friend to cum deep inside her. Afterwards offering to fuck you both, as long as you both stay silent, and are respectful.

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