Kenna Valentina – Jerking Off To Mommy’s Ass

Hi Sweetie, I’m just putting your laundry away. Don’t mind me. Oh are you looking at.. my butt? That’s actually nice.. Mommy’s been a little insecure lately. You know.. I want to feel like I’m still attractive, and I just caught you looking at me. That makes me feel good. You can look if you want, I don’t mind at all.. Is that what you wanted to see?? You like Mommy’s butt? What about.. that? Do you like when Mommy squeezes it and slaps it? Go ahead sweety, I don’t mind, you can take care of that.. You really do like this, don’t you? If you’re into, you know, asses.. or Mommy’s ass.. don’t feel like this is wrong. I completely understand.. I really don’t mind if you want to indulge a little bit. If anything, it helps me.

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