Kenna Valentina – Your Friends Mom Wants To See How Much Youve Grown

When you stop by your friend Jake’s house to see if he’s home, you find his hot mom laying out by the pool in a bikini, wet from just getting out of the pool. You can’t help but admire her body, starring at her from the door, you need to get a closer look. You scan her body up and down, looking at her perfect feet, legs, and amazing boobs. You go back inside and sit on the couch where she comes in to find you. Always happy to see you, she sits on the couch next to you telling you her house is basically your second house and she feels a maternal connection to you. She’s seen the way you’ve looked at her for years now, and she’s completely ok with it. She goes on to tell you that she feels the same about you. She mentions that you know Jake works late, and she gets the feeling you came just to see her. She moves closer to you on the couch, and you can tell by the look in her eyes that she has wanted this to happen for a while now. She tries to hold back her temptation for you, but she has to see exactly how much you’ve grown.

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