Kitty Leroux – A sons secret

You and your roommate are stuck inside on a rainy night with nothing to do, so you commiserate over pizza and get a little tipsy. She starts going on about her ex boyfriend when all the sudden she spills that she hasn’t had sex in over a year. She’s super embarrassed, but says she wont feel better until you have an over-share too. “When was your last time?” Your heart races. You think about how to keep your secret completely vague. She commends you on the fact it has only been two months for you, but your heart pounds when she realizes that you were living with your parents two months ago. A sigh of relief comes over you as you realize she has no idea who you are talking about, guessing various people who you may have fucked, not getting close at ALL to who you actually fucked two months ago. Your ability to give her such small details is backfiring, and she is just more and more curious…especially when you start blushing. She crawls over to your lap, and before you know it, her hand is rubbing over your semi-erect cock through your pants. You can hear it in her breathy voice, she’s not going to back down, she hasn’t had sex in over a year and she wants to hear this story…in fact…she’s quite aroused when you reveal it was an older woman- and this causes you to think this secret might be safe here- maybe it’s going to even get you something hot on this cold night. Clothes start coming off as she’s persuading you more and more to tell her exactly who this was. “….Your MOM???!?” her eyes flutter into the back of her head in pleasure and she can’t help but start sucking on your cock. She needs more…more story…more cock…more details…more of you. You reveal your whole story about how you’ve been fucking your mom since you were a teen. “It didn’t just stop at blow jobs did it?” she says. You can’t believe the lust in her eyes and the moans she makes when you reveal that it didn’t just stop there. She pulls herself away from your cock for a few seconds and comes back with a condom. “Fuck me. Fuck me like you fucked your mom….please.” The pleading in her eyes turns to shock..”You fucked her bareback???” She needs this. Fuck her…fill her…you can’t even stop yourself. You can’t pass this up…she’s like a dream girl.

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