Kitty LeRoux – Academic Integrity Mommy Taboo

It’s Summer, but you’re taking a math class…with your mom who decided she would finally start working towards a full degree. A few weeks into the class, you mom knocks on your door. She looks fine, but the more she starts talking to you the more you realize she wants something. “…Can I copy your homework?” The woman who raised you to never lie, cheat, or steal is in front of you, begging you to copy your homework. Turns out this isn’t the first assignment she failed to turn in, and the teacher has emailed her threatening a bad grade if she doesn’t complete what turns out to be four old assignments. You don’t know what to do, but your integrity kicks in and you have to let her know you can’t do it. “It’s ok honey, keeping mommy honest is a good thing.” She leaves dejected, but soon comes knocking back on your door. Turns out mommy is REALLY desperate. She hits your weak spot when she offers to dance for you in a bikini she wore at the neighborhood bbq/pool part the previous weekend, “I wont even watch what you’re doing. You can do whatever you want.” You cannot turn this down. All integrity is GONE. Her tits are huge, her hips are huge, her ass is huge..and you are so so weak. You offer her more if she takes her top off. The two of you keep making DEAL after DEAL, the sexual tension is rising higher and higher. Her clothes are coming off, oil is rubbed on, and her mouth, tits and your mommy’s pussy all end up on your dick. Turns out it’s totally a fair deal to lose your academic integrity, when you gain a pussy to fuck. Your mommy is a very bad girl.

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