Kitty LeRoux – Bonding with your new mommy

The day before the wedding, your mother finally lets you spend alone time with your dad’s fiance- she’s about to become your new mom, so some time together would be good, anyways. You weren’t really sure why your mother wouldn’t let you interact much with your new mom. After talking about it, your step-mom-to-be reveals that she has no maternal instinct whatsoever. She doesn’t feel right marrying your father without being close to you. “You’re so much like your father,” she says as she asks for you to hear her out. She wants you to help out with the wedding but there’s not much left to do. “I was thinking maybe you could help me pick out what to wear tomorrow night…after the wedding.” Your new mommy was right- she has no maternal instincts at all. This is probably highly inappropriate- but you’re not going to be the one to say anything- in fact, you tell her it’s perfectly alright (especially because you’ll really get to see her hot body in tight lingerie…it’s making you throb). She really has no idea what’s going on as you take time giving her ratings in the ‘thumbs up’ system. It’s going SO SO well…until she comes out in this see-through black number. You don’t even want to raise your thumbs because your hands are in your lap covering a raging hard on. “Oh come on, I really need your help!” You close your eyes and give your rating in defeat. “OH….MY…..GAWD…” Yup, all hell breaks lose- but in an odd way- your new mommy feels guilty for making you hard. “I am such a terrible mother! Wait. I’m the mommy. I can fix this,” she says, sinking to her knees. Turns out your mommy does suck…poor thing. You aren’t going to stop her from helping you out- especially with your father on his way home. A blowjob leads to fucking and you can barely contain yourself when she tells you not to worry and to just cum in her. “Fuck your new mommy!”

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