Korina Kova – Escort Step Mom busted by Step Son

The scene starts out with you in the bathroom getting ready. Maybe wearing a dress with your hair done. You are on the phone with your husband telling him you have to work tonight and probably will stay late at the office (does not know you are an escort lol). There is a knock on the door and you tell your husband you have to go since the new client is here. You open the door and literally you are speechless…as it is your stepson, Steven. You tell him to get inside the room so no one will see. You are angry and ask why I am here. You find out I am virgin and wanted to lose my virginity. You begin to understand and ask for me to stay. However, there is one catch, I cannot tell dad/your husband about you escort as a second job. I agree and you begin to strip out of your dress. You begin to pull a condom out of your purse, but then mention I should feel a woman pussy for the first time and how wet/tight your pussy is. The scene has you riding a mannequin, blowjob, and lots of dirty talk. Towards the end of the scene, your phone rings and it is dad/your husband. You ask me to be quiet as you continue to ride my dick. In your phone conversation, you mention you will be home soon and suddenly you scream “Oh Steven cum”. You catch yourself and explain that you are texting me. The conversation quickly ends and throw your phone on the bed. The scene ends with you asking me to cum inside you.

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