Kylie Ireland – Sex lessons with your stepmom

So your stepmom calls you into her bedroom to have a little chat with you about girls cause you are off to college in a few days, & she wants to make sure that you are well prepared.
At first she gives you the standard lecture about condoms, but the conversation soon turns to the size of your cock, & before you know it, she has your pants down & is admiring it’s size.

Your stepmom is then concerned with your stamina & performance, so she starts to jerk you off to ensure that you don’t cum too quickly, & after she has controlled your orgasm for a while, she takes it to the next level by sucking on your cock hard & deep.

She is quite impressed that you are lasting so long & haven’t filled her mouth with your hot load, so as a reward she climbs up on your cock & gives you permission to fill her wet cunt with cum, safe in the knowledge that you now can make lots of college girls happy.


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