Lady Fyre – A Mothers Day to Remember

It’s Mother’s Day & you dutifully color a card for your mom. You take it into her room to surprise her, but she’s kinda naked & doing something strange when you walk in. She seems really embarrassed & covers herself up. But there’s something buzzing under the covers. You reach for it & she slaps your hand away, but you want to see what it is. You hold it up & she snatches it from you. What is it? She explains that while you’ve probably never experienced it, it’s important to have something called an “orgasm”. She’s been alone for a while & doesn’t have a man to give her one, so she uses that buzzing thing to do it herself.

You innocently walked into her room naked, and since seeing mother doing something naughty your penis got hard & grew bigger. “This is awkward,” mom says. “I have been meaning to have this talk with you.” Apparently she intends to do more than talk though, as she tells you to put your penis inside of her. “Now pull it out & push it back in. There, you’re already getting the hang of it.” She pulls her boobs out & starts playing with them. Then she turns around on the bed & tells you to do the same thing to her. “You’re growing up fast & need to know about this… and also, mommy has been really lonely.”

Mom says she has some other things to show you, and you can’t wait. This is the best thing to happen to you ever. She climbs on top of you & says she’s going to do something called reverse cowgirl. “I know this is strange, but you & I are so close, and someone had to teach you. Better that it’s me.” Then she realizes she forgot all about her card. You forgot about it too… you forgot about everything but your hot mother. You don’t want her to stop, and apparently she doesn’t either because she climbs back on top of you & reads your card while she rides your young cock. This is definitely the best Mother’s Day ever. I get to relieve all that tension & be even closer to my son.

“I want to show you one more thing. It’s pretty special.” As she takes your penis between her breasts, you have to agree that it is special. She tells you to just let go, and this amazing feeling comes over you as you cum all over mommy’s breasts.