Lady Fyre – Back to School BJ

It’s time for your first day back to school after summer break, and you’re still in bed, so mommy comes in to check on you. I think that you’re probably nervous about your first day back, but then I discover that you have morning wood. So that’s why you’ve not left bed yet! I sit on the bed & remind you that we don’t want to be late for your first day. And what would the other moms think of me if my son comes to school with a hardon? That would be so embarrassing. I begin to tell you how to stroke yourself, but it’s clear to me that’s getting you nowhere fast. So I take over & give you a handjob. You’re still not cumming fast enough, so I lick your penis. Let mommy get rid of this boner. I suck on your cock a little, being gentle with it. Then I discover that I’m actually enjoying myself. I get turned on, and my “solution” to your problem turns into a very slow, sensual blowjob. You like when mommy sucks your cock, don’t you? We are both getting so much pleasure out of it that we take our time. Sure you’re going to be late, but the amazing orgasm I give my son is totally worth it.