Lady Fyre – Mom And Son Play Hookie

Your mom wakes you up by scolding you for oversleeping on a school day. You stayed on the couch playing video games and you’re going to miss your bus. She’s trying to give you a serious talking to, but your morning wood is distracting her. Finally she calms down and apologizes for being so angry. She explains that she had a bit of a “frustrating situation” last night, then she gestures to your used tissues on the coffee table and implies that your night clearly wasn’t as frustrating. She suggests that maybe you two should just play hookie together today. Would you like to play hookie with mom? Maybe you could help with her frustration. She uncovers your morning wood and immediately begins sucking your cock. It feels so good and you can’t believe what’s happening. “You’re not the most responsible son, but maybe there are other ways you can help out around here.” When she rides you, you finally get to clearly see that beautiful ass she’s always hiding beneath those business skirts. You can’t get enough of your horny mom.

File Size : 2.37 GB, Resolution : 3840×2160, Duration : 00:22:04