Lady Fyre – My Awesome Mother’s Proposal

You have a great relationship with your mother. Some people might find it odd, but you really enjoy spending time together. Every night when she gets home from work you eat dinner & watch movies together. Sometimes you even snuggle. But before dinner & movies, you have sex. Tonight is the same as every night. When mother comes home this evening she has a special surprise for you though. She thinks it’s time that you two start living as husband & wife. You already spend all of your free time together, and don’t you want to live with her forever? Isn’t the sex just amazing? She talks about where you should have the wedding, what kind of food you’ll have at the reception, and who will be invited. Mother knows you’re having sex with your principal, so of course she’ll be invited too. Also, your aunts will be there since you’re fucking them already. They can actually be like your other wives, and you can all be one big happy family. While mom is riding your young cock, she asks you to think about her proposal. If you cum inside her & give her a wonderful creampie, she’ll know your answer is yes.

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