Lady Fyre – Smoking Hot Teacher Schools You

You’ve been so disruptive in my class. All you do is crack jokes & play the class clown. I’ve had enough of it. I invite you into the teachers’ smoking lounge, and you think you’re in big trouble this time. I sit down & light a cigarette. The suspense is strong as I take a long, slow first drag. Then I look at you as I blow out the smoke. I tell you that I’ve often noticed you staring at me. You look me up & down with your gaze, and I know what you’re thinking. I need to relax before my next class, so I’m going to undo some buttons on my blouse. You should make yourself comfortable. An idea strikes me: maybe you’d be less of a problem student if you just release all that tension. I make you unbutton your pants, and I begin to slowly suck your cock. I order you to remove your pants, then I fuck you in cowgirl, reverse cowgirl & doggystyle. This is amazing. You never thought you’d get to see your hot MILF teacher naked, let alone have sex with her. I explain that it’s a much more efficient solution than calling your parents, and I expect that your behavior will improve greatly. Finally I order you to cum inside me. You give me a creampie, and I let it drip back out onto your cock. Then I light another cigarette & suggest you hurry along to class because I’m not writing you a late pass.

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