Lady Fyre – Spying On Auntie Again

Are you spying on me again? You really need to talk to your mom or dad about the changes going on in your body. This is my private bedroom & I should be able to relax here without you spying on me. c I know that you like to stare at my legs, and you love it when I wear pantyhose. If you’re aware of what you like, then it’s time for you to learn about what’s going on with you. Sit down & I’ll show off a little for you. I know I shouldn’t be doing this because I’m your aunt, but you need to learn about a woman’s body. Your mom would be so mad if she knew about this, but I’ll give you a handjob. I suppose it’s better if you learn from me than from some girl who’s going to hurt you or break your heart. You’re so lucky to have an aunt like me. I want you to cum & get back in bed before your parents notice you’re in here. They would be so mad at me, and I don’t want to upset my sister. No cum for auntie & let all that tension out.

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