Lady Fyre, Syren DeMer – Mom and Aunt – Man of the House

Aunt Syren is over today, and she’s talking with mom about the struggles of being a single mother. You’ve been helping around the house as much as you can, but as you eavesdrop on their conversation, you hear your mom say that she’s been lonely. Aunt Syren thinks maybe she can help with that. She strokes mom’s thigh & then begin making out. They’re really hot for one another, and you spy on them as they lick one another’s pussies. They cum over & over again, licking, kissing & scissoring. It’s too hot not to sneak a video of them from where you’re hiding in the corner. You sneak away into your bedroom to jerk off to it. Aunt Syren catches you watching the video & you’re embarrassed but she says she thinks it’s hot. Your cock is already out, and she takes the opportunity to suck it. She deepthroats so well. Then your mom walks in & Aunt Syren invites her to join in. She doesn’t even miss a beat & takes over the blowjob. Aunt Syren rides you & cums so hard on your young cock. Finally mom says she’s being selfish & auntie reluctantly lets her take a turn. You love the riding, but it’s even better when they line up on the bed, side by side in doggystyle & offer themselves to you. Mom thanks Aunt Syren for teaching her that you’re much better behaved when she gives you regular “treatments”. It’s so hot that you forget to warn your aunt & start cumming in her mouth. She pulls it out & jerks you off the rest of the way with cum spilling out of her mouth. She doesn’t mind a mouthful of cum though. She’s a cougar & she loves everything about fucking her nephew.

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