Lady Fyre – The Peeping Paperboy

The paperboy is a problem. He’s always delivering the paper when it’s already dark outside. I didn’t know why until I discovered the shoe prints outside my window. He’d been waiting until dark so I wouldn’t see him spying on me. Bad paperboy! Today when you come to collect, I invite you inside & confront you about your behavior. I know you just have to get it out of your system, so I propose just that as I unzip your pants. Once you’re nice & hard I turn around & order you to do me d0.ggystyle, ans after you’ve enjoyed that view long enough I order you to lie down on my kitchen floor & I mount you in reverse cowgirl.

While riding you I confess that my husband is going to be home soon. He’s the one who’s been complaining about the paper being delivered so late, and I told him I’d take care of the problem. I make you switch to missionary position, screwing me on this stool in the kitchen. I warn you not to tell any of your friends about this. I hope I didn’t mess you up for the rest of your life. Now that you’ve had tight MILF pussy there’s no going back. I urge you to finish up before my husband comes home. You have never encountered a jealous man before & you don’t want to start now. I cum on your young cock, then I pull it out & you shoot all over my pussy. Just then the front door opens & my husband walks in. He looks a little upset, and you look terrified. But you’ll both come around. I DID solve both of your problems after all.