Lady Fyre – Tricking Sleeping Mom into Sex

Scene 1: Mom has an ass that just won’t quit. You’re tormented by it daily, and today is no exception. As she’s lying on the couch in white yoga pants talking to dad about her day, you can’t stop staring. When dad leaves the room, mom turns to you for a conversation about your day. You try to concentrate but her ass is so distracting. You’re not sure what’s come over you, but you reach out & touch it. Mom shrugs it off, but then you do it again & she gets angry. “You can’t do that; I’m your mother!” She gets up & shoves her cleavage in your face, then her ass, then angrily tells you you’re too young & walks away.

Scene 2: You’re supposed to be out playing with friends, but you came home early. You can hear your parents are having sex, and you’re curious, so you sneak to their door & peak through the crack. You watch mom’s ass bounce up & down as she rides dad, then he changes positions, thrusting in her from behind. Mom says “I’m going to cum!” & you back away so as not to be discovered.

Scene 3: Dad had to work the late shift, so mom is alone in bed when you sneak into their room. She’s sleeping in sexy lingerie & you lie in bed next to her. You touch her breasts & she moans & rolls away from you. But then you rub your cock on her ass & she starts to squirm in pleasure. She thinks you’re dad, and she mounts your hard cock. She’s riding you with her eyes mostly closed, still half asleep. Then her eyes fly open & she realizes it’s you, but she’s enjoying herself so much that she doesn’t stop. “What am I doing, fucking my own son?” She shoves her breasts in your face & cums loudly. You cum inside your mother, then she lies down next to you again. You didn’t expect that to happen, but it felt amazing fucking your mom.



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