Lanie Love – You’re Doing it Wrong

I had just gotten home from brunch with my girlfriends when found my son in his room jerking off. He’s so cute, but he was doing it SO wrong. Of course he stopped right when I walked in. “Oh honey,” I said “you’re doing it all wrong, didn’t your father teach you how to do this right?” Of course he didn’t, he’s not good for anything. My son looked at me with his beautiful eyes and I just could not resist. And might I add that he has an AMAZING cock, oh my.

“Can I sit, honey? I want to show you, you look like you’re hurting yourself, it’s all too vigorous. Be more gentle, you have plenty more years of this, you don’t want to hurt yourself, do you?” Of course he says yes, he’s always been such a Momma’s boy and I love him for it. I try to give him verbal direction, but he just wasn’t understanding so I reached over and took it in my own hands. He began to moan and enjoy it. So I took his hand in mine and showed him exactly how it feels with his hand. “Mmm yes, just like that, baby. Isn’t that better? See Mommy knows how to take care of you. Have you ever had sex?” To my surprise, my beautiful boy has not had sex yet. He’s so handsome, who wouldn’t want to?

I teach him how to bring up the pace and soon my pussy is wet watching my son stroke his cock in front of me. It just feels so good and wrong, but right, and soon I was begging him to put it inside of me. Girls his age like guys with experience, right? So I just want to make sure he knows what he’s doing when it comes time for him to perform. There’s nothing wrong with that, right? He’ll be ready in no time.


Download file – 133.3 MB
Download file – 133.3 MB