Larkin Love – Feeding cum to my underdeveloped son

Good morning, sweety. Mommy is here to wake you up. I’ve got good news! As you well know, your little wee-wee hasn’t been developing quite right. It stands up nice and proud, but it isn’t as big as it should be. It’s just a little pee-pee. I want my son to have a big boy cock! I do want grandchildren, after all. All those medical solutions we’ve tried – they haven’t worked at all. Mr. wee-wee is still so tiny. But don’t despair, darling. I think I’ve found a cure in alternative medicine! In Papa New Guinea, there’s a tribe that has a remarkable way of turning their young boys into strong, virile men. They do this by having the boys swallow large quantities of semen from the older men. Now, it may sound strange, but I think this tribe may be on to something. Of course, I don’t want my son sucking any cocks – so I went out and did it for you! I called up 10 men and sucked them off one by one, and saved their cum in this bowl for you. That way, you can just eat it up without any of the work. Why, with this much cum, your pee-pee is sure to grow big and strong. Eat up darling. Think of it as your medicine. Here, mommy will spoon feed you. You just lay back and enjoy. Make sure you swallow every drop. Don’t waste any of this precious man milk. Now make your penis hard. Give it a rub and tug to make it grow for Mommy! If you’re a good boy and don’t complain, I’ll let you have a special treat at the end – a tasty helping of breast milk to wash down all that “medicine.” That’s a good boy. Rub Mr. wee-wee! Make him grow even bigger! Now cum for Mommy and make some milk of your own!


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