Larkin Love – Mom makes you cum inside her before the big exam

Good morning, son! Today’s the day of the big exam, isn’t it? I know you’ve been studying very hard for this test. It will determine the rest of your academic career – in fact, it will determine the rest of your life! I need you to do well and make me proud.

Because this exam is so important, I’m going to make sure you’re relaxed and without any distractions. I know you’re at that special age where suddenly the boobs of the girl across the aisle, or a little peek at your teacher’s panties when she uncrosses her legs, is more interesting than schoolwork. I’ll just have to help you relieve your urges now, before you leave for school. If I can make you cum hard enough, you should be able to focus for the rest of the day. No, I won’t just let you go to your room and masturbate. I have to make sure you release your urges completely. Here, let Mommy do it with her hand. You can play with my boobs and suck on them to help you get stiff quickly. Suck on my nipples and get some of that milk. Mmm, your mouth feels amazing. I missed that. Yes, I can tell you like this. I know how to give a great rubdown, don’t I sweety? My goodness, you’ve grown a lot, haven’t you? Your cock has gotten enormous! I must admit, stroking your throbbing erection is making my pussy very hot and wet. Hmm. I’ll just slide you inside my moist lips and take the whole length of you deep inside my tight hole. Fantastic! Now Mom can satisfy her urges as well.


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