Larkin Love – Mom Needs Your Cum Inside Her

Ah-Hah! I knew you were up to something in here! Every time you run up to your room and disappear for an hour or two, you’ve been masturbating. I just knew it! No, no, sweetie, I’m not mad at all. First off, masturbation is perfectly natural. Everyone does it. Even M0mmy does it. I promise I’m not angry. In fact, I was rather hoping that you’d be touching yourself. Please, don’t stop stroking your cock. It makes the next thing I have to say easier…

The truth is, your father hasn’t satisfied me in ages. I’ve always been more interested in sex than him, and now that he’s getting older, he just can’t get his dick hard for me anymore. It wasn’t big to begin with, but now it’s like a little limp noodle. I’m practically starving for sex. And to top it off, I really want another baby! If I keep trying to get pregnant with your dad, there’s no chance in hell I’ll ever get pregnant. I can see that you’re quite different from your father. You must have inherited sexual prowess from my side of the family. Look at that cock of yours! It’s so thick and long and rock solid! I want it NOW. Don’t pretend you don’t want me, son. I know you want me too. It’s ME you’ve been stroking off to in here, isn’t it? Every time you catch a glimpse of me in the shower or while I’m changing, you come up to your room to rub one out. What do you think of when you rub one out, son? Do you think about sucking M0mmy’s big, soft, milky tits? Do you think about fucking me? You want to make me happy. I know you’re a good son who loves his mother. You’re so young and virile. You’re my sweet, darling boy. Come here and slide your big cock inside me, nice and deep. I want you to enjoy this. I want you to cum as deep as you can inside me, fill my womb completely, and knock me up!


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