Larkin Love – My Sons Secret Crush

Why are you still in bed, son? You’re going to be late for school! Are you sick? No? Then what’s wrong? Oh, I see. You have a Crush on a girl, but you don’t know if she likes you back in the same way. Well, son, this is totally normal and natural. Crushes are bound to happen at your age, especially for such an attractive young man as you. Who is she?

Wait, you can’t be serious. I’M YOUR Crush? Oh dear. That isn’t what I expected. But that’s ok, honey, we can work through this. You’re just sexually frustrated. If I help you relieve your sexual tension, this silly Crush will work itself out. Let M0mmy give you a little breast milk to help satisfy your Oedipal curiosity.
Oh my, that didn’t work. It only made your cock hard! You really have grown up, haven’t you! Your manhood is so big! You’re not so small anymore . . . gosh, I had no idea you were so hung. That cock is amazing. I know you’re my son, but I can’t help but want to touch your throbbing erection. Mmm, I’d better help you have an orgasm before you get much bigger!


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