LatinSandra – The Dumb Son

My after sex hair? And why am I wearing this outfit in front of you son? Well if you weren’t so dumb, literally, I wouldn’t have to be over at your college fucking your Dean, Coach and Professors to ensure that you pass your classes. See this is the way it works, in order for you to play football I fuck your coach but to play football you must pass your classes so I fuck your professors and to make sure this stays a secret I fuck your Dean and I love it! I don’t care if the word is out and all of your classmates laugh at your and bully you because they know the only reason you pass your classes and play sports even though you aren’t the brightest bulb is because your mommy fucks your professors, Dean and Coach. Oh and I will soon add a few of your classmates to the list, you know the smart ones that can help you study. My dumb and wimpy soon gets bullied but hey at least your mommy is getting her pussy satisfied and you get to pass your classes son.

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