Leena Sky – My mom has Stockholm syndrome

Leena walks in the living room wearing a nice tight dress. Son asks what she’s up to, and she states that she’s going out with her friends to blow off some steam. The son knows that for the last couple years, this was her cover to engage in affairs. The son stands up and goes to the table and opens some documents with photos, and tells his mum “before you head out, I think you might want to take a look at these first.”

Leena walks towards the table asking “what is it?” As she looks through the picture and documents, she realizes these are pictures of her affairs, the trust fund papers she had kept her son in the dark for all these years, in addition to her prenupt that states she gets nothing if she has an affair. She goes white as she gasps and covers her mouth in surprise. “He is the deal mum. You’re no longer “going out” with your friends” the son tells his surprised mum. Leena meekly nods in acknowledgement as her mind is swimming with thought. The son takes out his cock and approaches his mum who’s still staring at the pictures and papers. “Well, as far as your husband knows, you are of course. But during those times, you’ll be doing this” states her son.


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