Let’s spank each other

Oh, my gosh!! Did you just watch me changing clothes?! Did you see me get out of my bikini?? And just stood there while I got dressed?! You’re such a terrible little brother!! I can’t believe you. I’m telling mom and dad! UNLESS I get to punish you myself. Yes, I have something in mind. I bet we can make a deal.

I’m guessing you haven’t seen a girl yet… that you’re wondering what we look like. Hmmmm? What if I show you… then spank you for it? You owe me… Now, bend over my knee… AFTER you take off your pants and underwear. Yep. Naked. And if you get a stiffy, then you’re just going to have to take care of it… in front of me. I’ll tell you how. But, gee, that make me feel like I was being naughty. I guess you’ll just have to spank me too, brother.


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