Lolly Coxx – Bad sitter

My neighbour has asked me to stay over the night as her son has been going to rehab for his porn addiction and she wants to make sure he will not watch porn or touch his cock while she is out, i give her a ring to say all is well and that he is in bed asleep which is what i will be doing soon. I settle down in her bed and fire up my laptop to watch my fav porn guy wank his thick cock for me, little does she know i watch so much porn myself, i even get out her toys and start using them, i can smell them both on the toys which makes me even hornier, i am just getting into it when FUCK her son walks in on me playing with myself. I am a little fucked off but am so horny right now even though i am old enough to be your mum, i need to cum and spending the night telling him porn is bad is not on my agenda i just want to get off and get that buzz i get when i cum so instead i tell him his mum is a narrow minded bitch and that he is old enough to make up his own mind, wanking everyday at least once is a must, it makes you feel good so to hell with it. “Come on get in the other end lets masturbate together pull your cock out and wank while you watch me cum too, lets just fucking well relax and enjoy ourselves

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