Lolly Coxx – Caught you wanking

Your mother and i are going out for a night out, she is a great best friend and so much fun to go out with, she is downstairs and i have come into your room to make sure your ok, only to find you wanking your oock, i am shocked but feel i need to show you how to stroke it properly – we all know you have a thing for my big tits, your eyes don’t move up to my face when your talking to me. I feel a bit bad being your mums best mate but your of legal age and your just wanking so wrong, your gonna stay a virgn if you carry on coming so quickly. Its gonna be our secret but let me teach you the basics before i go out, going to show you how to wank that cock, sure your mum has a stash of dildos in her draw, oh yes this is perfect, now watch and do what i do . Oh ffs yor mum is calling out to to see if i am ready yet, i know its risky but lets give a few more minutes before you come, i want you coming all over these big tits of mine, stamina is a must if you want a girl to cum all over your dick. now lets work that cock up like i am and shoot a big load over this target, fuck thats quite impressive , lets see how well you do tomorrow with my full on joi instructions, i will make sure i come around when your mother is out for the day.

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