Lovely Lilith – Bribe the neighbor boy

Hey! Thanks for coming over so quickly! I don’t want to keep you too long.
So, I know you and my son are pretty close. I mean you guys grew up next door to each other. It shouldn’t come as a shock to you then that my son is getting in trouble at school.

Unfortunately, he’s about to get expelled and he just got blamed with something else. My husband and I were wondering if you could take the fall for him? Just this once? We talked and we’re willing to offer you a bribe….

What would you say to a hand job with my shirt off?

No?… You’re not interested in that?…. Well… what would you want?

Oh, I see. Your girlfriend won’t let you fuck her without a condom and you want to know what that feels like. My husband wouldn’t go for that… but… I feel like you don’t lose your virginity until you do it without a condom. And I’ve always fantasized about taking someone’s virginity.

Tell you what… you don’t say anything and I’ll give you what you want. Just take the fall for my son, okay?


Download file – 245.3 MB
Download file – 245.3 MB