Lovely Lilith – Youll be late for school

Honey, what’s going on? Why are you still in bed? Are you sick? You don’t seem to have a fever… You look really flush though. Are you okay? Your dad just left for work, I can call him— No? Oh… Okay… are you sure… everything’s okay? Wha…. ooooh…. Oh! I’m so sorry! I should have realized! You should take care of yourself and I’ll just… um… On second thought, what would you say to a little help? To speed things along? Your dad’s medication has it so we can’t have sex anymore and I’ve just been so horny… and… well… seing that tent in your bed has me a little excited… Yeah? Great! Here, let’s just pull the blanket down…. WOW…. you have such a fit body…. and your cock is big too… Let me stroke it for you. And don’t forget, this is our little secret… I’m just helping you get ready for school!


Download file – 1.3 GB
Download file – 1.3 GB